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Elite Rampa FE-C B+ Mag Turbo Trainer - SNDB Cycles

Elite Rampa FE-C B+ Mag Turbo Trainer


Elite’s Rampa FE-C B+ Mag Turbo Trainer is an interactive, wheel-on unit with automatic resistance adjustment and double ANT+™ FE-C and Bluetooth communication for use with online training apps. The Elastogel roller decreases noise by 50% and tyre wear by 20%, and has a greater diameter than standard giving a wider contact patch and less slippage.



The Rampa FE-C B+ Mag Turbo Trainer from Elite uses a 40mm diameter Elastogel roller that gives a wider contact patch than normal with the tyre meaning less slippage and lower rpm for a better riding experience. The bigger Elastogel roller also means 50% less noise and 20% lower tyre wear than normal trainers. The double ANT+™ FE-C and Bluetooth communication allow easy connection to most online training apps such as TrainerRoad and Zwift, and with a maximum power output of 1150 watts to an accuracy of 5%, each training session can be made as effective as possible. The trainer communicates speed, power and cadence data to give a plethora of information to analyse and help improve fitness.

  • A smooth, powerful FE-C interactive trainer for those looking to push themselves that bit harder
  • FE-C smart trainer protocol means that the Rampa is compatible with a plethora of third party software such as TrainerRoad and Zwift via a wireless connection
  • The Rampa uses an enhanced drive unit with 50% more power on tap compared to the Qubo Digital but an oversized flywheel helps keep everything feeling smooth and realistic
  • Includes a six month subscription to Elite's fully featured My E-training app
  • Oversized ElastoGel roller has improved tyre grip, lower noise and vibration
  • Power supply comes with multiple international adaptors, perfect for those on the move
  • Works with any ANT+ or Bluetooth heart rate belt (not included)
  • Includes spare quick release for those using Mavic or similar non-compatible skewers
  • Accurate +/-5%
  • Maximum power output of 1150w
  • Fits everything from 24” to 29” or 700c wheels


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