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Our Capabilities - SNDB Cycles

What do we offer at SNDB?

Servicing. Repairs. Upgrades. Refurbishments. Book Online!


All fitting of parts is included in the price, however the price of parts is not. Depending on what parts you want to fit, this price can vary significantly. Cost will be communicated after inspection.

Replacing individual parts

We can of course replace any parts that you like. We charge a flat rate of £15/hour, minimum charge of £15 plus any parts that you use. We have some parts in stock, but need to order some in. We’ll quote you a cost before starting any work.

We can of course fit parts if you have your own. This is a standard £15/hour service charge.


So…refurbish vs servicing; what’s the difference? Servicing is either fixing your bike after something breaks, or preventative maintenance to make sure that your bike is in the best possible condition to beat that prick from Finance who sat on your back wheel on a group ride then sprinted off at the end. Refurbishing is getting your bike back to as close to factory condition as possible, or upgrading as much as you like, including changing the paint scheme, changing groupset, wheels, headset…adding disco lights; the usual stuff.

At SNDB Cycles, we’re really happy to have you as a customer in any way. We will only recommend products and services that we think offer you value for money. We don’t recommend that you have a full refurbishment of a lower spec bike unless it holds real sentimental value to you. The simple reason is a good service is probably all that is needed to get your bike back to its best.

As all of our refurbishment work is tailored to your specific requirements, the price will vary accordingly. As a rough guide, if you’re replacing all of the parts (full groupset replacement), like for like, budget from £500 for a bottom end spec up to £3000 for an upgrade to top end.

The Refurbishing Process

We sit down with you to understand a few key things;

  • What’s important to you; is it keeping it original or making something original
  • What your budget is
  • What you intend to use the bike for

Once we set this out, we tailor a plan for your bike. We create a custom work order and provide you with a quote so you can see a breakdown of the cost for the work. We then ask that you pay a 50% deposit of the value of the refurbishment when work starts and pay the balance on delivery, once you’re happy.

Depending on the work involved, refurbishment can take up to 6 weeks and potentially longer if we need to source rare parts. We work with hand picked vendors for some work and their availability can add some time to the process.

Once we have all the parts in, we’ll start build. We won’t start until everything is ready; this is called CTB or Clear to Build. This helps to ensure that we can give your bike the focus it needs to ensure a quality product that is unique to you.

Once we start build, we’ll give you an estimated completion date and keep you informed of the progress at every stage right up to delivery. Once it’s ready, we’ll arrange a time that is convenient to you. Your new bike can even be delivered to you. Prices for delivery are distance dependent.


Not that your bike isn’t already awesome, but who doesn’t like new shiny bits? Exactly. We can upgrade pretty much every part of your bike and in some instances add breathing apparatus where required.

See our blog on the London Gentleman to see what we can do. What started out as a mechanical Sora groupset black painted bike is now a Di2 ultegra full groupset bike with a sweet custom paint job. Noice! Get in touch in the Get In Touch section below or via our contact us page to find out more.

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Here at SNDB Cycles we can offer bespoke servicing packages tailored to your individual needs. Get in contact with us and we will be happy to discuss this further!

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