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Welcome to SNDB Cycles - SNDB Cycles

Welcome to SNDB Cycles

by | Aug 6, 2019 | 0 comments

Hello and welcome to SNDB Cycles! Firstly, welcome to our page! Thanks for visiting us!


Who We Are

How many bike shops are there in your town? At least 2 or three for a small one, up to 15 for bigger cities; London currently has 6 million bike shops, almost exclusively owned by handsome men with beards. That certainly is not us. Of all these shops, how many offer a truly bespoke service? I mean truly original; where you can be a part of the creation of your bike.

Bikes are a deeply personal thing; you make a choice when you buy a bike. You choose to cycle to work; you choose to get fitter and feel better; you choose to make a difference to climate change. When you choose a bike you choose to make a difference; so choose to make your bike yours.

SNDB Cycles will work with you to make the right bike for you. From the frame up.


Our process

Each project starts with meeting you, our customer. We work with you to see what you like and what you don’t like; are you a head down racer? Are you looking for a cruiser or a bit of 80’s retro chic? What colour schemes do you like? We can then look at the mechanics of the bike; how it will function. If you know you’re Di2 from your seat dropper, you can tell us what you want; we have access to Madison UK’s range of products and we’ll happily source these for you at the best price we can. If you have your own parts, we can use those too. If you aren’t too sure, we can help with that too. We finish when you are happy.

We do ask that you leave a deposit with us before work starts; this is not required when bringing your own frame or components, but will usually be what we have to outlay for parts. Unfortunately, once work has started and parts have been fitted, they cannot be returned. Final payment is due upon collection of your new shiny bike.

We also offer a comprehensive suite of servicing options; check out our servicing section. You can pick and choose, for specific servicing requests, or pick one of our servicing levels. We also carry a large number of items in our shop where you can buy everything from roof racks to rain coats and everything cycle related in between. For the gadget hungry, we can source the latest Garmin Watches and bike computers, as well as smart trainers and Zwift memberships. If you don’t see something on the website, drop us a message and we’ll see if we can get it for you. Our stock is updating all the time, so check back once you’ve asked us.

Our price promise

We’ll always look to be as competitive as we can be, but sometimes it’s just not possible. Where we can’t match a price, we will happily recommend other companies. Bring the parts to us and we can fit them for you.

We will always endeavor to be as open and honest about our prices as we can be. We’ll try to make our pricing as clear as possible, so if you think that something took you by surprise, let us know and we’ll review it.

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